ipv6 status 2018

ipv6 status 2018

ipv6 status 2018

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Why ipv6

It will come, you can’t stop it, they told us. You need to be ready, they told us. It will be soon, they told us..

Well, they were all wrong, but why, and when will it fanally come, if ever?

When will it finally take off?

That is a quote I typed on the 31st of August, 2014. Even then I was sceptical of IPv6, and I still, sadly, am today. In the meantime the ipv4 exhaustion happened for the first time on the 31st of Januari, 2011. RIPE ran out in 2012, ARIN in 2015. And still we don’t have IPv6 on most consumer lines. My own provider, KPN, says it’s been working on it since  like forever.

So at the moment I use Hurricane Electric at home. A awesome IPv6 tunnelprovider, never failed me, and always fast. Now if only the Dutch ISPs started to give us IPv6 by default.


It is not without problems, I have a networkprinter at home and the thing also uses IPv6, if you know which IP is has, you can deplete my paperstash very easily. On the other side, I can ssh directly to every pc in my home network and have no issues with NAT.


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